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Kalahji ... supporting the local energy sector

Kalahji ... supporting the local energy sector

Inma Steel to double production capacity

Having recently moved to its new 65,000 sq m facility located in Jubail, Inma Steel is now in the perfect position to capitalise on its extensive experience and expertise by catering to the fast-growing local demand and expanding market.

A subsidiary of Alturki Holding, Inma Steel was first established in 1993 and has over the years built a solid reputation as the leader in custom-built process equipment and maintenance services including equipment installation, mechanical repairs, plant turnaround and shutdown services.

However, now with the new facility set to double its manufacturing capacity and Vision 2030 providing a clear roadmap, the company is looking to further deepen its local footprint.

Speaking about Inma Steel’s strategy, the company’s Managing Director, Muntaser Kalahji, emphasizes: "We have always believed in localising technology to support the oil, gas, petrochemical and mining sectors in the kingdom.

"Saudi Arabia is a burgeoning economy with all the resources needed to reach its full potential. Also, Vision 2030 has given local companies like Inma Steel the government support they needed to build strategic partnerships and bring the latest technology here. Saudi Aramco IKTVA programme have given an example of how local companies are capable of providing world class products and services."

Furthermore, the company is also focused on increasing local content throughout its supply chain whether it be by way of collaboration; choosing local vendors and partners; or by way of investing in local human resources.

Saudisation is, therefore, not only a cornerstone of Vision 2030 but it is also a belief that Inma Steel lives by, as a way to positively contribute to its community.

Inma Steel's new 65,000 sq m facility in Jubail

"We strongly urge and encourage increased local participation in the labour market of both young Saudi males and females primarily because of our own faith in local talent and its potential to transform the kingdom’s future," Kalahji says.

Moreover, in retrospect when analysing the qualities that has helped Inma Steel maintain its position over the past 17 years, Kalahji comments: "In order to move forward successfully, it is important to remember what brought us here and, in this case, our reliability is an asset, for sure. Of all of Inma Steel’s values, I believe our emphasis on building trust with our customers has played a major role in ensuring our relationships are positive and thus, long lasting."

This importance assigned to reliability is also reflected in the company’s strategy in handling the current Covid-19 crisis. With an Emergency Response Plan in place, Inma has been able to fulfil its commitment to support its customers including Saudi Aramco and Sabic in all their operational needs in terms of manufacturing equipment, providing products as well as maintenance services so as to ensure continuity during the crisis.

Furthermore, this notion of reliability and trust also extends to its own employees as stern precautionary measures were put into place immediately as the coronavirus threat loomed over the kingdom.

"We have procedures and policies in place to ensure we are able to meet our clients’ and shareholders’ expectations without compromising the safety of our own employees. Thus, the health of our workers is inspected daily, all offices and work-spaces are sanitised regularly, social distancing is maintained even whilst working, and priority is given to the health and safety of everyone at the Inma Steel premises," Kalahji says.

He further comments: "For us, our promise is sacred. Our promise to provide the very best quality products and services on time for our customers, our promise to preserve the brand and make the best decisions for our shareholders, and our promise to protect the interest of our employees in all aspects. This is how Inma Steel has created a name for itself and this is how we plan on foraging ahead."

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