Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Committed to Vision 2030

Companies in Saudi Arabia have set out goals in line with the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 that include manufacturing locally through IKTVA initiatives, streamlining logistics and supply chains, decreasing emissions, rolling out training programmes for Saudis, and increasing Saudisation in their workforce

Alkhorayef Petroleum

At Alkhorayef we are proud to be 'made in Saudi' and we are fully committed to the ambitious goals set out in Vision 2030.

For over 35 years, we have provided electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) to the oil and gas and water industries from our headquarters in Dammam. We have grown to become a diversified oil service company with Artificial Lift, Cased Hole Wireline and Production Facilities divisions and export to 11 countries across the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

At Alkhorayef we are ‘Always Advancing’ and have been investing in sourcing and developing the finest Saudi talent at every level. We have implemented a career development program to nurture the next generation of leaders and we champion female nationals in a range of HR, financial, commercial and technical roles, most recently in the motor manufacturing, where a female team hand wind all Alkhorayef motors.

We are also constantly working, in step with the IKTVA program, to enhance the local supply chain and expand our in-country Research and Engineering (R&E) capabilities, doing all we can to develop local competencies and keep our profits in-Kingdom. We too have ambitious goals and embracing Vision 2030 is a key strategy in realising our aggressive international expansion plans.

— Rayyan Mofty, Vice-President Middle East

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes has more than 80 years of presence and partnerships in Saudi Arabia, and we continue to build on our presence as an energy technology company adding value to our partners. We’re contributing to the Saudi Vision 2030 through technology development, talent growth and localisation of our products and services to strengthen our footprint; as well as deliver focused solutions to address customer and industry challenges.

When it comes to the way we work, we are reducing the carbon intensity of our operations, applying proven low-carbon technologies to help our customers meet their environmental goals, and innovate for the future of the energy industry.

We are also collaborating with our customers to utilise these technologies and explore new industries to tap into. Our non-metallic joint venture with Saudi Aramco is a great example of how we are transferring knowledge and utilising non-metallic materials to help reduce emissions, contribute to better efficiency and reliability. It also has the potential to apply this expertise into other industries, supporting the diversification of Saudi’s economy.

Lastly, our focus on additive manufacturing and digitisation of our everyday operations will be a game changer for the industry and support better outcomes for the customers.

— Zaher Ibrahim, Vice-President, Saudi Arabia,  North Gulf & East Mediterranean

Endress+Hauser- Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is a solid road map for the Kingdom’s future, challenging the traditional observes and striving to create a new norm.

It is proposed to be a transformational procedure that in the long term will have a great impact on the nation's economy, culture and society.

In my opinion, the principle driver of the vision is that Saudi Arabia has vast potential to develop its non-oil economy and focusing on downstream activities would bring in some of the expected results.

Keeping this in mind, Endress+Hauser took a big step forward back in 2018 and invested $4 million in building a state-of-the-art calibration and training center in Jubail, drawing on our intrinsic strengths to support the strategic objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

This premise can cater to the calibration and training requirements of not only Saudi Arabia but also extend the competence to the requirements of the entire region, and is the first and only vendor managed gravimetric calibration facility in the region.

The high quality and globally recognised trainings offered to fresh Saudi engineers and students facilitate in increasing local engineering technical competence which will further aid the Saudization drive.

Endress+Hauser continues to practice equal opportunities at workplace and diversification of workforce, encourage sustainability and safety, and is committed to the Saudi Vision 2030 in more ways than one.

— Mohamed Abdellah, Managing Director

Applus+ Middle East & Africa

Applus+ in Saudi Arabia is proud to be involved in the Vison 2030 plan through a number of projects and initiatives. We are committed to creating over 200 job opportunities for Saudi nationals over a five-year period, and have developed and implemented a comprehensive training programme for Saudi youth.

We are developing a capacity building programme for employees of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, and training young Saudi civil engineers at the Ministry of Transport.

Applus+ is also actively working with the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs to develop quality assurance systems to improve the cleaning services in the cities. We train inspectors from the Waste Management and Cleaning Departments of the Kingdom’s municipalities.

Additionally, Applus+ has helped more than 130 Saudi trainee engineers to qualify as Aramco-approved Technical Specialists and Quality Inspectors.
Applus+ is working on major infrastructure and transportation projects, including the Riyadh Metro Project. We are fully committed to and compliant with IKTVA stipulations and have successfully increased our IKTVA score from 27 per cent in 2018 to 42 per cent in 2019, according to 3rd party IKTVA audits.

— Brian Dawes, Executive Vice-President

Total Safety

Total Safety fully supports Vision 2030 and the related In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) and Saudisation programmes. We are teaming up with schools and universities to have more Saudi nationals working for us and have a very active hiring programme.

Our business grows steadily, so we are always looking for high potential Saudi employees.

Employees get a full internal training programme to learn all aspects of our integrated safety solutions that we offer to our customers. Whether it is in business support, sales, administration or operations, we guide our employees to be successful in their job and provide sustainable learning to grow.

— Peter van der Sluijs,
General Manager MEA


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing unprecedented transformation due to Vision 2030 led by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The speed and depth of this change is truly amazing.

We can clearly feel the positive impact on the ground. Mega infrastructures are being built, downstream industries and manufacturing development have picked up speed, and digitalisation of government support services is now at its best.

Saudi Arabia is encouraging and supporting private investment as part of its diversification programme.

Certainly, logistics plays a major role in the economic success of countries. It is the delivery vehicles of goods and services internally and an enabler of international trade. And Prince Mohammed has placed high emphasis on this critical industry.

We are witnessing several state-of-the-art logistics parks being developed, network connectivity is being brought up to international standards, and major road and rail are all taking shape now. This will play a major part in improving the logistics sector.

S.A. TALKE supports and participates in achieving Vision 2030. We are focusing on attracting and training Saudis in our field and increase their participation in every aspect of our business.

We have further diversified by creating employment opportunities for ladies—a successful venture which we would like to expand in the future.

On the investment aspect, we have committed to develop a 300,000 sq m logistics park in Jubail. This will include temperature control warehouse space, specialised DG storage and ambient storage space. This major investment cements our confidence in vision 2030 and our ongoing support of the local economy.

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to the world and is still rapidly changing. I am confident that the future ahead is bright, and this transformation will turn Saudi into a global economic powerhouse in its own right.

— Makhlouf Benzahia, Managing Director

NOV Completion & Production Solutions

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key player in the oil and gas sector in the region and the world. The country provides a healthy investment atmosphere associated with its leveraged geographical positioning.

NOV has for decades dictated its investments and local manufacturing capabilities for the upstream industry. In the past few years, several incentive programs have emerged, including but not limited to Saudi Vision 2030, which provided a platform of incentivized growth in local manufacturing and a base of young local professionals.

Our manufacturing capabilities in Saudi Arabia have reached out to leverage most of the drilling and production echo system, whereas our investments in Saudi Arabia have grown over $250 million representing a 150 per cent increase from 2015 to the present day. As such, these manufacturing capabilities are the Aramco-NOV JV for rig manufacturing, downhole drilling tools and bits, surface production and processing packages, choke valves and non-metallic spoolable fiberglass pipe.

The investments have leveraged the development of Saudi local suppliers and most importantly the development of the female and male pool of talent. Hence, development and training programs have been put in place and are applied and upgraded continuously.

We can proudly say today that NOV has doubled the number of Saudi local hiring in three years to reach above 50 per cent Saudization ratio.

Our further future short-, medium- and long-term outlook to Saudi Arabia is clearly headed towards more investments in local manufacturing capabilities and the target goal is to achieve over 70 per cent localization.

— Rami Bakir, Vice-President Operations Middle East & North Africa


Halliburton stands firm in its commitment to the Saudi 2030 Vision through ongoing efforts to increase workforce nationalisation, local content sourcing, and employee development. In the last year, we attained our first workforce nationalisation target of 70 percent, commenced in-house manufacturing of downhole assemblies and developed 42 local vendors to supply parts and completed products for our operations in the Kingdom and around the world.

Our in-country technology team also engineered innovative new solutions for the Saudi market enabling us to move away from some imported products.

Additionally, we are excited to open the new Halliburton Chemical Manufacturing Reaction Plant in Saudi Arabia in the coming months. Upon the facility’s completion, we will be able to begin local manufacturing of specialty chemicals that will help our customers maximise production from the reservoir to refinery and more. It is our largest capital investment ever in chemicals manufacturing and is an excellent example of our commitment to the Saudi 2030 Vision.
— Scott Regimbald, Vice-President, Saudi Arabia


Gulf Stevedoring Contracting Company (GSCCO), a subsidiary of the Gulftainer Group of companies, has been operating in Saudi Arabia for 35 years.

During this time, the company has operated 20 port and logistics concessions across the Kingdom and moved over 35 million containers, leading the development and economic growth of the Kingdom.

With the announcement of His Majesty's 2030 Vision and under the National Development Logistics Program, the company is further investing in port and logistic operations to handle increased volume of containers, vehicles, bulk and project cargo, supporting the oil and gas and manufacturing industries in the Eastern Province and Yanbu.

Through Gulftainer’s Momentum Logistics and GSCCO, we are able to provide an end-to-end supply chain service solution offering trucking, customs clearance, port operations, yard storage, distribution, and document management.

The Gulftainer Group of companies is providing its assets and experience to deliver the 2030 Vision, making Saudi Arabia the primary logistics hub of the region, and enabling it to take its rightful place at the heart of the world’s supply chain.

— Jason French, Managing Director


LogiPoint is an award-winning developer and operator of Bonded and Re-Export Zones and Logistics Parks in the Kingdom. The company has a rich history of over 20 years of bringing innovation, efficiency and operational excellence to the Saudi Arabian logistics sector and continues to play an important role in attracting international investment into the Kingdom’s supply chain and logistics market.

LogiPoint has evolved into a unique platform for local and international collaboration in the field of logistics and supply chain management and is thus playing an active role in transforming the Kingdom into an international multimodal logistics hub in line with Vision 2030.

LogiPoint works extensively with the industry stakeholders including regulatory bodies, logistics and 3PL companies, importers, exporters as well as traders to continuously anticipate and address the needs of the market.

With an eye on the objectives laid out in Vision 2030, LogiPoint is developing the logistics infrastructure of the future through its many Logistics Parks and Zones across the Kingdom, while also highlighting the highly lucrative business opportunities in the Kingdom to the international logistics market.

— Farooq Shaikh, CEO

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