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Engineer Akram Tamari

Engineer Akram Tamari

Atlas Copco expands in region, targets new applications

Last year the company moved to its biggest facility in the region, which is the Jubail depot with more than 10,000 sq m of space to accommodate its fleet and operations in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia


Atlas Copco Rental Middle East, a leading specialized rental solutions provider of compressed air, power, steam and nitrogen rental equipment and services, is expanding its presence in the region and also targeting more applications where its rental solutions can help customers perform their jobs with best results.

'Besides, more focus is being given to safety and training as it is a high priority task for us to keep our teams and the locations where they work safe and innovative,' says Engineer Akram Tamari (Regional General Manager – Atlas Copco Rental Middle East, North Africa & India).

For Atlas Copco Rental, 2018 was a great year and with many projects being launched it believes that this good trend will continue for years to come, notes Tamari.

The business in 2017 was also great due to the many projects that were under construction, which created lots of opportunities for the company’s rental solutions.

'Last year we moved to our biggest facility in the region, which is the Jubail depot with more than 10,000 sq. m of space to accommodate our fleet and operations in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. Because of the growing demand for specialized rental solutions, we have added some new equipment to our portfolio including steam boilers, pumps and high-pressure diesel-driven compressors,' he points out.

About future prospects, he says Atlas Copco is always optimistic. The flow of projects, shutdowns and other jobs will be at a good level and will generate more opportunities for its rental solutions specially oil-free air compressors and nitrogen generators.

The newly added products will also help to diversify Atlas Copco’s offered solutions. 'Now we have steam boilers in our fleet with big capabilities, which will help in satisfying more requirements,' he says.

On the company’s association with Saudi Aramco, he says since Atlas Copco is the leader in compressed air equipment, it is now more than 35 years that its local customer center has been engaged with Saudi Aramco to handle the after sales support for existing equipment and the new requirements, either for purchase or rent.

The business association with Saudi Aramco reflects a long history of support Atlas Copco has always maintained with its customers as it is involved in all aspects of operations including existing plants, emergencies, planned shutdowns and of course new projects.

Usually Atlas Copco will supply equipment, maintenance and rental solutions to almost all activities that Saudi Aramco has.

In projects, Atlas Copco Rental supplies different sets of solutions to assist contractors in achieving their progress targets including engineered compressed air and nitrogen packages during the different stages of work.

'Our oil-free air solutions and onsite nitrogen generators are widely used in projects, existing plants and for pipeline services,' he asserts.

Referring to the challenges, he says: 'The challenges we face are more related to nature of the project especially those at remote areas with limited access. However, we now have depots all over the kingdom to be as near as possible to the projects and plants locations.'

Atlas Copco’s aim is to become available at most of the projects where specific requirements are needed. As a result, Atlas Copco rental in Saudi Arabia is involved in all downstream, midstream and upstream projects by providing specialized rental solution to contractors and to end-users as well.

Referring to Aramco’s IKTVA program, he says: 'I believe it is part of the change that the kingdom is going through and it will help in transforming the economy to be away from oil

The program is moving forward and it is encouraging more local companies to be part of the growth expected in the region. Atlas Copco Rental in Saudi Arabia is part of the customer center that is working on the compliance process with IKTVA requirements and it has already reached the set targets. But still more needs to be done as well, he adds.

On Saudi Vision 2030, Tamari says vision 2030 is a real game changer and it has a true value when it comes to boosting the economy by adding more value to the market. 'The changes can be seen in many aspects and from our side we are also transforming our operation to be part of this vision,' he says.


Specialty Rental is a division within Atlas Copco’s Power Technique business area. It serves customers in all industry segments around the world with temporary air, power, flow and nitrogen rental solutions. Specialty Rental services are offered under several brands. The divisional headquarters is located in Belgium.

Atlas Copco’s Power Technique business area provides air, power and flow solutions through products such as mobile compressors, pumps, light towers and generators, along with a number of complementary products. It also offers specialty rental and provides services through a dedicated, global network.

Power Technique innovates for sustainable productivity across multiple industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil, gas, and exploration drilling. The business area is headquartered in Belgium. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

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